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Marketplatz Updates:


03.10.2018 - InDevelopment Conference - The NHEDC along with Calumet County represented the Marketplatz project at InDevelopment Conference held at Lambeau Field. Here were heard addresses from many different people regarding economic development and the role we play in this area. The marketing materials created by the NHEDC were proudly on display. It was printed in large postcard size.



01.22.2018 - C.D.A. Meeting - The City of New Holstein official owns the former Tecumseh property as of December 15th, 2017. The NHEDC was asked to provide a fact sheet for the former Tecumseh Property. This will include a location of New Holstein on a WI map and a map of the site with statistics on the current facility and will be used for distribution at upcoming development trade shows. Demolition bidding processes were discussed, along with other bidding procedures/processes (lead based paint and asbestos assessment). A time line was put together by Stu Gross (Stantec) to lead the CDA/City through the next stages of the redevelopment process. As previously mentioned a soft contract was presented by Stu Gross to cover his expenses until the time comes when an official contract is entered into with the CDA/City.


12.11.2017 - C.D.A. Meeting - The City of New Holstein Community Development Authority has selected Stantec as a consultant to lead the City of New Holstein through the redevelopment process. The CDA has asked the NHEDC to help lead the communication and marketing effort. Discussions at this meeting were centered around how things will go forward and who will be responsible for what. Stantec's consultants led the meeting. The property will be transfered to the City of New Holstein on December 15, 2015. A concern regarding the safety of the interior environment of the building and what safety/barrier protection will be required to do a walk-through and getting demolition quotes. Funding the project, grant application and time line were all prominent talking points. Contractual scope and signing an agreement with Stantec will likely happen in congruence with demolition bids.





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